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Monday, 25 February 2013

Well it's official

The sign went up today, we are officially selling our house and moving to another province. Well when the house sells we will move.
I am of mixed emotions, I grew up in this area, this is my husbands and my first house we bought together. My family lives here, and we are very close. I suppose I should look at this as an adventure.
I had to de-clutter my house :( which ment I had to put away all my prims and all the personality I had in here. I hate how my house looks now, it's so not me.
I have been working day and night to get it ready for today. The day the realtor took the pictures. I renovated a bathroom took it right back to the 4 walls and put in new flooring, wainscot , vanity, toilet etc. it looks very nice. So glad my mom came to give me a hand as my husband works out of town. Cleaning my room of horror aka my sewing room was my biggest challenge. It has been a week of grumbling, and tears but the house is cleaner than ever lol.