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Thursday, 6 December 2012

New friends

It was a snowy day today, but mom and I where tucked in the house all warm and cozy.
We spent the day un-moulding our soap we made yesterday, and making new friends. Snowman friends that is ;)
I just love these little guys, you can tuck them anywhere and they look like they belong. They each take on a personality all of their own.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wonderful Ornies

My wonderful Ornies

Snowman face is from Fran Boggs  The bag lady
Snowman is from Sandi Allen, The Primitive Skate Blog
Candy Cane is from our our wonderful swap organizer Amy, Bumble bee lane blog
and the cute prim star doesn't have a tag so I'm not sure who I need to thank but I LOVE them all.
Thank you ladies

Ornies have arrived

My Ornies from the Bumble Bee Lane ornie swap are here !!
I just love them, I will post pics as soon as I can get on a computer and not my ipad as I cant seem to upload an image for some strange reason.  My poor old laptop started up got a blue screen and turned itself off, doesn't look good :(  off for repairs tomorrow, hopefully it can be fixed.
Today I spent with my mom making soap, I really hope it turns out.  We had alot of laughs making it.
I am planning on having an open house here on Monday, try and get into the Christmas spirit, I still have some Christmas ornies for sale.  First off tho, I have to somehow get my house in order.  It's still full of craft supplies, glue, and glitter.
I picked up the local paper today and they had a wonderful article about our blog, there was a picture of myself and my friend Terry from