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Saturday, 2 February 2013

My mini vacation

I am so relaxed its not even funny.
I can't believe how much I needed this.
Lastnight we went to 2 fancy restaurants, and I walked out of both lol.
I kinda felt bad but the first one had such a tiny menu and the prices where CRAZY high, the next one was better, but the majority of the menu was seafood Yuck, and Pasta, not a huge fan. It looked like a jungle in there as well the plants where huge, but it smelled funky in that restaurant so I left that one as well. My poor husband lol
We ended up in a hole in the wall pub, that served great food and AWESOME prices, and I even had 2 beer lol I never drink.
Today I toured around town by myself cause my husband is still working.
I found a cute little quilt store and just had to spend some money ok alot of money in lol
Then I found a couple of giftstore, there is alot of those in town as it's a very touristy kinda town.
I just haaaaad to buy more stuff.
Then a big elk walked across the street in front of me, he was actually closer than this picture looks. I hope to see more and get better pics. I saw 6 HUGE very healthy looking ones yesterday but wasn't in a good spot to take pics.
I took a picture of myself driving shhhhhhhh
and a picture of the Rocky Mountains they are a sight for sure.
And this is Jasper the bear and I

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Valentines Swap

I got my parcel in the mail today.  It was FULL of goodies.
I swear I got so spoiled, there was lindor chocolates :)  gonna make quick work of those let me tell ya
Heart melting tarts covered in spicy goodness, a heart tart, a be mine pillow, the cutest tealight, in a metal heart holder,  and a dainty candle mat, doily, which is absolutley gorgeous.
Francine from
Thank you Francine you totally made my day!

Thank you Amy from for hosting another great swap

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Home Alone

Well I guess it's about time I posted again.
Where does the time go??
I've been busy today, I drew out 6 new patterns, some are for Spring and 2 are kinda all season.
Now just to get them sewn up, and see how they work.
I'm going away on Friday for the weekend, I am so excited!!
I'm leaving my almost 16 year old son home alone, a little nervous about that LOL  He's a good kid, and pretty responsible.  Might have to phone home and make sure he feeds the fish and the dogs.  Funny how they never forget to feed themselves.  My parents live just 10 minutes away if he has any problems.
My husband works away from home, usually Fort MacMurray, but this month he's working in Jasper Alberta.  It's about 6 1/2 hours from here, so I'm going to spend a much needed weekend alone with him,  what the heck the hotel is payed for :)  and they have a QUILT store.
I'm going to take my punch needle with me to work on.  Have to finish my Valentines swap items.
I had my first real sale online this week!  I was pretty stoked about that.  I have been busy making little ornies from a pattern I found online.  A snowman, a gingy, and ragedy anne.  I think I got carried away and made 60 of them if not a few more.