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Saturday, 2 February 2013

My mini vacation

I am so relaxed its not even funny.
I can't believe how much I needed this.
Lastnight we went to 2 fancy restaurants, and I walked out of both lol.
I kinda felt bad but the first one had such a tiny menu and the prices where CRAZY high, the next one was better, but the majority of the menu was seafood Yuck, and Pasta, not a huge fan. It looked like a jungle in there as well the plants where huge, but it smelled funky in that restaurant so I left that one as well. My poor husband lol
We ended up in a hole in the wall pub, that served great food and AWESOME prices, and I even had 2 beer lol I never drink.
Today I toured around town by myself cause my husband is still working.
I found a cute little quilt store and just had to spend some money ok alot of money in lol
Then I found a couple of giftstore, there is alot of those in town as it's a very touristy kinda town.
I just haaaaad to buy more stuff.
Then a big elk walked across the street in front of me, he was actually closer than this picture looks. I hope to see more and get better pics. I saw 6 HUGE very healthy looking ones yesterday but wasn't in a good spot to take pics.
I took a picture of myself driving shhhhhhhh
and a picture of the Rocky Mountains they are a sight for sure.
And this is Jasper the bear and I


  1. Hi Tammy! *waves to your picture* LOL. Looks like my neck of the woods with the snowy Rockies and the elk!

  2. The mountains are lovely.Yep the pubs usually have the best food.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Evening Tammy, beautiful mountains, I want to go back to Jasper....The Elk is so neat.....I hear ya about Seafood and Pasta, not a big fan either....glad you found a good place to eat and you had a restful time.....Blessings Francine.

  4. Hi Tammy, so nice to "see" you! The elk was cool and the mountains beautiful! I want to see what you bought too!
    Be blessed,

  5. Looks like a great trip Tammy. I see you signed up for my pay it forward....glad to have you join. :0) Please send me your address.