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Friday, 15 February 2013

Packing and broken tooth

Good Morning all,

I think anyways.  It's my night actually.  I'm working graveyards right now, not really sure what end is up.
I have been busy packing all my prim treasures away ever so carefully, my husband and I have decided to move to be closer to his work.  I have very mixed feelings about this move, I love where we are moving to, but I LOVE where we live now.  I grew up here, my family is here, my mom and I are so close.  Her and I kayak all summer, we have lakes all around us, but where we are moving there aren't many lakes and there is no mountains.  Life with no mountains???
Anyways last night at work I was eating a piece of licorice and I broke my molar, sucker did that hurt.  So now instead of coming home to sleep this morning, I have to try and get into a dentist.  Just how I wanted to spend my day lol
Oh how I want it to be summer again. I am really going to miss this yard.
How is everyone else spending their day?



  1. That sucks about moving. I hope you love the new place though. Your yard is beautiful, it's tough saying goodbye. (Make sure you send me your new address! :)

  2. Hi Tammy, oh no, it would be hard to move away from family, but you got to do what ya gotta do....Sorry to hear about our tooth, ouch...hope goes well, Hugs Francine.

  3. Sympathies with the tooth! I have spent too much time this past couple of weeks in the dentist's chair.
    Hope you settle in quickly and have a yard just as pretty!

  4.'ve done the broken tooth thing and it's not fun. I hope your move goes well...being away from family is always hard. When you get moved send me your address (for your Pay It Forward package).