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Sunday, 8 September 2013


Well we finally made it to Alberta with a few bumps along the way hahaha
I loaded up the Yukon, and headed out.  I got 10 min down the road and my transmission went.  :(
I headed back to my moms and parked the truck.
I put insurance on my Jimmy, and headed out again a couple of days later.
I got 10 km within our new place and I blew the transfer case and front axle.   Ugghhh!!!
I can't believe how life works sometimes.
So today I went car shopping, nothing was open but at least I was able to narrow down a few cars I liked, and within our price range.
I am looking at a 2012 ford fusion, and a 2013 Chrysler 200.  Anyone have an opinion on the better car??   They are both fully loaded.
We take possession of our new house on the 26th of this month so we still have to head back to British Columbia, to get our stuff.  Can't wait to get organized again, and get crafting again.

Hopefully I will be driving zoom zoom again soon

A couple of things I wanna make with my great nieces as soon as things get settled 

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  1. That sucks about the car trouble! We've been having some too, it really sucks. No tips on a car because I just don't know them.

    I have your PIF ready to mail, but since you are moving I figured I'd wait until you sent me your new address and let me know when it would be okay to mail it. :)